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Barbados enjoyed mixed fortunes on the second day of competition in the FIDEOnline Chess Olympiad on Saturday.

The Bajans defeated Suriname 4-2 but lost to Guatemala 4.5-1.5 and went under to El Salvador 4-2 as the battle intensified in Pool E of Division 3.

With the results, Barbados slipped to sixth place in the ten-team pool after holding their own on the first day with wins against Honduras and Panama that left them in third place.

It was a tall order for the Bajans in the fourth round when they took on the higher rated Guatemala.

Martyn Del Castilho registered the only victory for Barbados to maintain his 100 per cent winning record, while Justin Blackman managed a draw in his first game of the competition. The rest of the team, however, found it tough, resulting in losses for Katrina Blackman and Kiarra Eversley and the two Under-20s, Nitin Mahtani and Vanessa Greenidge.

Barbados bounced back in the fifth round to beat Caribbean rivals Suriname with Del Castilho, Orlando Husbands, Mahtani and Greenidge achieving victories. Katrina Blackman and Julissa Figueroa, however, were on the losing end.

The Bajans were unable to sustain the winning tempo in the sixth round and lost to the higher ranked El Salvador.

Terry Farley scored the only win for Barbados by completing his second victory in as many games, while there were draws for Figueroa and Azaria Johnson, who was playing her first game on the Under-20 female boards.

Del Castilho lost for the first time in five games while Katrina Blackman and Haynes also suffered defeats.

Having recorded three wins and as many losses, Barbados are on five points and in sixth place. They are level on points with fifth-placed Guatemala and seventh-placed Panama.

Costa Rica lead the table on nine points, leading top seeds Mexico on the tie break. The first three teams will advance to Division 2.

The Bajans, who are playing at the Chess Centre on Exmouth Gap on Brandons, will round off their Division 3 campaign today with games against Mexico at noon, Costa Rica at 1 p.m. and Dominican Republic at 2 p.m. (BCF)


Vanessa Greenidge completed her third win on the Under-20 female boards. (BCF Pictures)

Terry Farley has won both of his games.

Note: Live streaming of the FIDE Online Olympiad with a focus on teams from the Americas region can be viewed by clicking on the following link: https://www.youtube.com/c/DavysChessChannel

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