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Candidate Master Orlando Husbands wrote his name on history’s page when he became the second youngest ever player to win the Barbados senior Nationals Championships.  The Lodge School 16 year old emerged victorious in the recently concluded BOA Barbados National Chess Championship. The record is still held by Ron Buckmire who won the title at 15 years old in the early 80’s.

Husbands made his intentions clear when he defeated the defending champion Fide Master Martyn Del Castilho in round one.  He went on to defeat the number one seed Fide Master Delisle Warner in a closely fought encounter and drew with the number 3 rank player in the event , his Lodge School team mate Yutien Poon.

In the final round against Andrea Janoha he only needed a draw which he got after some nervous moments and was duly crowned as the 2013 Barbados National Chess Champion.

Fide Master Delisle Warner finished in second place followed by Yutien  Poon and Fide Master Martyn Del Castilho in third and fourth place respectively.

Attention will now be focussed on the National Rapid Chess Championships this weekend where Husbands will be trying to add another title to his list. Action starts at 4:00pm at the Chess Centre in Cavans Lane, The City. 

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