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On this 5th and 6th of August an International tournament with 7 countries (Brazil, Belarus, England, Armenia, Italy, USA and Russia) is being held between persons deprived of their liberty. This tournament was born out of the idea of FIDE Social Committee Former Chairman GM Darcy Lima along with Cook County Prison Coordinator Mikhail Koremann in Chicago-USA during the visit that then Chairman GM Darcy Lima made to Cook County Prison to present the methodology used in prison chess projects to the Chicago authorities. In the conversation with Mikhail Koremann came the idea that now was implemented. The base that the tournament was runned was the Chicago Prison with the other prisons of the 7 countries participating in the rounds simultaneously. The tournament is being held on the chess.com platform. Before several Prison Matches had already been played (Brazil had already played with the Prisoners of Chicago Prison, There was Italy match vs USA) but this is the world's first online prisoner tournament. At the opening we had the message of Former World Champion Anatoly Karpov congratulating this initiative. Brazil's players were represented by the award winning project as the best social sports project in the world in 2012 "Chess That gives freedom " from Espirito Santo created in 2005 by CBX Vice President Charles Moura Netto and the President of the Brazilian Chess Confederation GM Darcy Lima. The games of the prisoners in Brazil were at Colonia Agricola de Viana / ES and at the local opening we had the Secretary of Justice of the Holy Spirit Luiz Carlos de Carvalho Cruz, the President of the Brazilian Chess Confederation, the Director of the Presidency Sr Rodrigo and also the President of the state Federation 

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