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As is known the financial relationship with FIDE has changed and we have to be very careful if we want to keep CCA finances in black numbers. 

Being autonomous, our income comes mainly from entry fees and we have to assure it. 

Actually, we are facing a problem with the debts some federations have which keeps bidding for events but do not cover their financial obligations with CCA or pay just a little augmenting their debts year after year. Surprisingly they are not the small federations but some of the powerful ones. 

In order to finish the situation I hereby propose not consider any bid for our official events coming from federations that are in debt of USD two thousands or more to enter in force inmediatly. 

The CCA Treasurer may propose a payment plan for those federations that are in debt, as FIDE does, being the initial payment not less than one third of the outstanding debt although this plan shall not modify the proposal until the first payment will be done. 

Jorge Vega 
Continental President for America. 
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