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The Chess Federation belonging to Zone 2.3 is hereby invited to participate in the event by informing the conditions of the event:


The event is organized by the President of Zone 2.3 with the support of CCA


The 2.3 Absolute Zonal Championship will be held from Thursday, May 25 to Thursday, June 01, 2017 in the City of San Salvador


The 2.3 Absolute Zonal Championship will be held at the Salvador Chess Federation,  San Salvador City


OFFICIAL PLAYERS: will be the players classified in their sub-zone:

2 players from the sub-zone Mexico
2 players from the sub-zone Cuba
2 players from the sub-zone Colombia
2 players from the sub-zone Central America
4 Players from the sub-zone 2.3.5


Each Federation may present the number of extra players as it wishes. The event will be open to all extra players of Zone 2.3, who shall have to pay for their transportation, accommodation and meals.


Federations must send by email before Wednesday, May 24, 2017 at 8:00 pm to the Organization, the registration of its official and extra participants, with full name, identity document, title, rating and international identification FIDE, if they have it.

Payments can be made prior to the start of the event in San Salvador.

Only registrations submitted by the authorities of the respective National Federations recognized by FIDE will be accepted.

All players are required to pay USD 100 (one hundred US dollars) for registration, this amount includes the CCA entry fee ($ 75 USD)

This payment is mandatory before the first round to take part in the tournament. Each Federation shall be jointly and severally liable for payment of the registrations made and for the costs incurred by the non-submission of the registered players.


All official players will have the right to accommodation in a double room and free meals, from the dinner of May 25 to breakfast of June 1.

The Organizing Committee may provide air or ground transportation - Hotel or vice versa prior coordination with the organization for a value of $ 40 USD.

For payments for bank drafts or other types of advance payments, please contact the organization as soon as possible.


25 May 12:00 Delegations Arrival
May 26 5:00 pm Opening Ceremony
             17:30 First Round
May 27 10:00 Second Round
May 27 16:00 PM Round Three
May 28 10:00 AM Round Four
May 28 4:00 PM Round Five
May 29 10:00 AM Round Six
May 29 4:00 PM Round Seven
May 30th 17:30 PM Round Eight
May 31st 15:00 Nine Round
8:00 PM Tie-Brakes

The organization reserves the right to modify the game schedules by notifying the participants

Awards: It will be done immediately after the last round has ended.


The event will be played under the Swiss system to nine rounds, the Tournament will be governed by the FIDE Laws of Chess.

Time Control: 90 minutes for the first 40 moves, plus 30 minutes per player for the entire game, with the addition of 30 seconds from the first move.

Designation of the winner and determination of the ranking at the end of the tournament

The table of final standing will be determined by the number of points obtained by each chess player, the one who obtains the highest score will be the winner of the championship.

In case of ties the following systems will be applied in strict downward order:

A. Particular result (Direct Encounter). It is only valid if all involved played with each other.
B. Most Victories
C. Highest number of wins with black (unplayed matches are considered as played with white)
D. Buchholz
E. Buchholz with a cut

World Cup qualifiers Tie-Brakes:

In case of a tie in one or more of the qualifying places to the World Cup the following tie-bakes apply:

-Tie between 2 players: 2 matches to 15 minutes per player, with an increase of 10 seconds from the first play.

In the case of persisting the tie will be played another 2 games to 5 minutes per player. If the tie persists, a game will be played where white will play with 5 minutes and black with 4 minutes with an additional 3 seconds each, the player who wins the draw chooses the colour, in case of a tie the player with the black pieces wins.

-Tie between 3 or more players: Single Round Robin, with 15 minutes per player with increase of 10 seconds per move from the beginning, in case the tie remains the tie-brake of the Zonal Tournament 2.3 Absolute Swiss will be applied.
The Zonal Absolute Tournament 2.3 will award 2 places for the Absolute World Cup.
The tournaments will be valid for the International Rating and will award direct titles and rules according to the FIDE Title Regulations.
1st Place: 950 USD
2nd Place: 750 USD
3rd Place: 650 USD
4th Place: 600 USD
5th Place: 550 USD
6th Place: 500 USD
Connect with: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Phone: 503-77403520
IA. Erick Hernández
President, Zone 2.3 FIDE

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