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The First Annual International USVI Chess Tournament took place August 15-19, 2012 at the Palms at Pelican Cove, in St. Croix USVI. The Palms graciously donated their conference room as the playing hall and the visiting players were accommodated in this hotel. The other sponsors for this tournament included the Virgin Islands Olympic Committee, USVI Department of Tourism, and FIDE.

It was a five day, nine round tournament. There were 10 players from 4 different federations. There were six players from the USVI, one from Trinidad and Tobago, one from Barbados, two from Puerto Rico and the Chief Arbiter was also from Puerto Rico. Four of our VI World Olympiad Chess players participated. At the beginning of the tournament only two USVI players had FIDE ratings: Michael Smith and Reece Creswell. This was a ratings development tournament which allowed four of our players to get FIDE ratings before the next World Chess Olympiad, from August 27 through September 10 in Istanbul, Turkey

In the end our own William Van Rensselaer won first place with a score of 7 ½. Trevor Flower representing Trinidad and Tobago came in second with 7 points. Third place went to Omar Aneses representing Puerto Rico with 6 points.


Omar Aneses Puerto Rico Katrina Blackman Barbados

Jo Ann Alvarex Puerto Rico Michael Smith USVI

Reece Creswell USVI Hazel Acosta USVI

Trevor Flower Trinidad and Tobago Regine Rose Acosta USVI

Anthony Mongiello USVI William Van Rensselaer USVI

Michael Smith Margaret Murphy

Secretary USVICF President USVICF

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