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As it has been informed by the FIDE Treasurer, the FIDE bank account  in the Swiss bank UBS will be closed as of the 30th of this month of April. The reasons for this closure, completely unrelated to the current FIDE leadership, have been amply explained.  
As a result, the FIDE / America account belonging to CCA will also be closed by UBS.

For this reason, the Federations belonging to CCA are requested not to make any payment to said account of pending obligations.

This closing will make difficult the payment of our commitments in the matter of seminars, training with sight to the Olympiad, compensations of assistance to tournaments and support to the Federations  until the problem is solved

CCA is doing the opening of an account in a new bank whose details will be reported as soon as it enters in operation

We apologize for the difficulties created which, we reiterate, are alien to both the current leadership of FIDE and CCA.

Jorge Vega
Continental President for América

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